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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Human Resources Director in ministry of energy

An opportunity is available in the ministry of energy, the human resources director with the federal government in United Arab emirates. The interested candidate is an appeal to submit their candidacy for the interview. 

About the Employer: 

The ministry of energy is the government department of the United Arab Emirates and responsible for managing, controlling and security of energy such as water, electricity, and other natural resources.  


  • Issue Initial Approval Certificate
  • Service of Issue Industrial production License
  • Request Customs Exemption
  • Issue Renew Initial Approval Certificate
  • Issue Amend Initial Approval Certificate
  • Issue Initial Approval Certificate Replacement
  • Service of Renewal Issue Industrial production License
  • Service of Issue Editing Industrial production License
  • Service of Issue Editing Industrial production License
  • Service of Cancel Industrial production License
  • Request adding or Excluding Item for Customs Exemption
  • Request Adding Item for Customs exemption
  • Issue Preferential Price Certificate
  • Issue Value Added Certificate
  • Request Export of Scrap Iron
  • Request Export of Scrap Iron Replacement

Job description;

Participate in preparing, reviewing and approving the organizational structure of the Ministry to ensure compatibility with the continuous changes in the Ministry's strategy and goals and with international standards.
 2. Leading the implementation of the job evaluation and description system in the ministry and achieving its indicators.
 3. Direct the human resources planning process and achieve Emiratization ratios approved in the Ministry.
 4. Prepare the job budget in the ministry in cooperation with the financial resources and the different Ministry of Finance.

Job requirement;

Bachelor - Business Administration - Human Resources 10 years experience Master - Business Administration - Human Resources 7 years Ph.D. experience - Business Administration - Human Resources 4 years experience.

Selection process:

The selection process of this position will be taken a round of the interview and only a successful candidate will be chosen. 

Hot to apply?

  • To apply for this position you need to click on the apply button.
  • Create a user account on the I recruitment website
  • Submit your application attaching your CV.

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