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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Senior Medical Technician jobs Fujairah Hospital

Senior Medical Technician jobs 

The ministry and health and prevention have posted a job for the senior medical technician relocated to the Fujairah hospital. The interested candidates should meet the following criteria to apply for this position.

About the Employer:

The ministry of health (MOTH) is the federal body of the UAE government which is responsible for planning, supervising and implementing the health legislative system in this country. Providing comprehensive, modern and equal healthcare services to all residents of the UAE is the main work of the MOTH.


1.  BSN or Master
2. Valid BSL or ATLS services
3. At least 7 years of experience.
4. work as a unit manager more than 5yrs
5.  Have experience in a related field.
6. MOH nursing as a registered nurse.
7. Able to plan and lead
8. have computer skills and the ability to record PT data electronically.


  • Effective time management
  • Working with one team spirit / Establishes a commitment to effective teamwork and relationship building / enhances the environment for cooperation and teamwork.

Why should you work with MOTH?

1. Providing good accommodation and transport facilities for the foreign national.
2. A good place to work 
3. supporting team spirit among the employees.
4. The ministry provides security and stability to all of the aspects.
5.  Working with different nationalities have opportunities to learn about different cultures and language.

How to apply:

To apply for Senior Medical Technician jobs in the ministry of health and prevention clicked the apply button and visit the job page.


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