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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Governance and risk assessment executive

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) has announced the vacancies for the UAE national, the position of Governance and risk assessment executive. The candidates who meet the following criteria can apply within the given time frame.

Job Title: Governance and risk assessment executive
Location: United Arab Emirates
Organization Name: Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality
Brief Description: Government executive and risk assessment
How To Apply: Vacancy for UAE nationals

About the Employer: 

Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship refers to ICA is the federal government department that is responsible for population registration and Emirates identity card program including;

  1.  Record the individuals' information and keep them electronically.
  2. Issuance of Emirates ID to the UAE national and residence of the UAE.
  3. Registering the important data of the public and link them to personal data.
  4. Deporting and detaining foreigners in accordance with the law.
  5.  Issuing the permit to deport the foreign national.
  6. collecting and documenting the national passport and foreigner staying in the country.
  7. Issuing, renewing and withdrawing the passport of the UAE national.
  8. Issuing, renewing and withdrawing emirates ID of both Emirati and ex-pats residence of UAE.


The candidates who willing to apply for a particular position have to meet the following criteria.
  • Future Outlook/Innovation & Disruptive/Awareness
  • Leadership Spirit/Open to the World/Awareness
  • Leadership Spirit/Enabler of People/Awareness
  • Achievements and Impact/Smart, Effective & Efficient Decision Maker/Awareness
  • Future Outlook/Lifelong Learner/Mastery
  • Achievements and Impact/Focus on Govt. Goals and Achievements/Awareness
  • Future Outlook/Well-versed in Advanced Technology/Practitioner
  • Future Outlook/Futuristic/Awareness
  • Achievements and Impact/Agile and Fast/Awareness
  • Leadership Spirit/Role Model/Mastery

Selection process:

Only the selected candidates will call for the written test and the interview will conduct for the
candidates who could successfully complete the test.

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